Feb 20, 2009

For The Love of Nature- my new line

I'm so excited about my new line of bird's nest jewelry. This is my first bird's nest necklace, and I also have the earrings listed, with even a cute ring to match!! I have to say I made myself one and wear it constantly! I love it! I hope everyone else will too... I haven't had much time to blog lately, I've been working quite a bit, and I will be working even more this weekend (probably about 24 hours in 2 days) So I figured before I went into work I would show everyone my new design. This week I am going to set aside some time specially for blogging, I have some great ideas for adding tutorials to my shop that I want to share with everyone. Pretty exciting!
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Susan said...

Pretty pieces. I think the ring may be my favorite!

Ashley said...

I love this!! so pretty.

Anonymous said...

How cute. I love this design and I'm sure this entire line will be very popular! Teri Twitter: Teri_B

chrystalyn said...