May 5, 2009

Summer Sensations Treasury- 12 wonderful artists!!

My latest treasury featuring beautiful summertime finds :) Hope you all enjoy the creations from these wonderful artists!

(In Order From Top Left to right)

1. Eclectic Love Fabric Flower by RoseisRose
2. Happy Hedgehog Alternative Apparel Backstage Top by rainbowswirlz

3. Signed 8 x 10 Fine Art Photograph by NestaUsa

4. Beach Waves Hand Painted Mini Wedge Heels Sz. 7 by Crafttastrophe
5. flowering brooch by fleurfatale
6. MADE TO ORDER Set of Four Colorful Cereal Bowls by LynnCardwellPottery
7. Honey Bee Pin by sheridesthelion
8. Tree Wallet Mustard, Blue and Grey by getfeltup
9. Garden Party Fanfare Flower Messenger by magnolyadesigns
10. Spring Colors - Fabric Covered Buttons by missbutler
11. Spring colors soap trio ... by swanmountainsoaps
12. A Single Tree .... Eco Tote ... by seworiginal

<3> Show these artists some love!! :) <3>

Apr 27, 2009

Free Earrings!

I figured Mondays are always a little blah for me, so why not spice it up a little with a free shipping sale! I always love when one of my favorite etsians have some kind of sale like that, so I can go snatch up what I've been waiting to purchase!

I hope everyone loves it as much as me!

And whoever is my 300th customer, receives a FREE set of earrings (the ones pictured)! So spread the word so you can be the 300th! :)

A big Thank you for a beautiful front page!

Thank you Sigmosaics for a beautiful front page treasury!

Apr 15, 2009

For the Love of Treasuries....

Here is my latest Treasury! I haven't done one in awhile, it felt great to actually get one this time! :-) I hope you all like it!

Mar 31, 2009

How to Create an Etsy Banner Using GIMP...

Creating an Etsy Banner using GIMP

How do you like my new banner? :-) I used GIMP!! Took forever, but I love it!

I just wanted to say a quick thanks to Luchi Creations for making this tutorial!

This is the GIMP version of daniellexo's instructions for creating an Etsy banner in PhotoShop. I am not a graphic artist, I don't work for Etsy, and I'm new to GIMP. Without daniellexo's instructions for PhotoShop Etsy Banners, I wouldn't have been able to figure out GIMP as easily. Thanks Daniellexo!! You can find her PhotoShop instructions here.

Follow daniellexo's tip on finding a font and Step 1 to find a picture/graphic (not stolen).
Hint for fonts:

GIMP Step 2.
Crop your image by clicking the "select rectangular image" icon which is the top left icon on GIMP's tool panel.

Once you selected the icon go to your image and draw a wide rectangle, keep in mind this will be the area you are cropping to.

Step 2 a: On the menu bar, select Image, Crop Image

GIMP Step 3
Scale your image to the Etsy banner width 760.

On menu bar select Image, Scale Image.

In the pop up box enter 760 for the Image width.

Click the button "Scale".

GIMP Step 4
Creating the Etsy banner length of 100.

On menu bar, select Image, Canvas Size.

In the pop up box, click on the image of the chain link that connects width and height together.

Now the chain will look broken.

Change the height to 100.

You will see your image in the preview box of this screen, move your image around to make sure you are getting the part of the image you want on the canvas. When satisfied click the button "Resize".

GIMP Step 5
Add some text, like your shop name....

In GIMP tool panel, select the T icon, third row, far right. Now select the area on your image where you want to place text. A GIMP text edit will open, enter your text here. Do not close the editor yet.

Go back to the GIMP tool panel, choose your font style, font size, and color.

P.S. You can later move the text around my selecting the arrow icon in second row, second from right.

Final Step - Save and Upload
I didn't try out all the extras for growing images and such but GIMP does have the magic wand, see GIMP tool panel, icon first row forth from the left.

After you are done playing and editing you are ready to upload! Make sure you save your new banner to your PC!!! File, Save as.. Chose a name! Remember you you saved it!

Login to Etsy, goto Your Etsy, Appearance, under Banner select Browse. Find and select the image you just saved, select Open. Select orange button "Save changes".

Your done! Enjoy your banner!!!

Feb 20, 2009

For The Love of Nature- my new line

I'm so excited about my new line of bird's nest jewelry. This is my first bird's nest necklace, and I also have the earrings listed, with even a cute ring to match!! I have to say I made myself one and wear it constantly! I love it! I hope everyone else will too... I haven't had much time to blog lately, I've been working quite a bit, and I will be working even more this weekend (probably about 24 hours in 2 days) So I figured before I went into work I would show everyone my new design. This week I am going to set aside some time specially for blogging, I have some great ideas for adding tutorials to my shop that I want to share with everyone. Pretty exciting!
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Feb 3, 2009

Gotta Show the Men Some Love!

I decided after having several of my Husband's friend's ask me why I didn't have any guy's jewelry on my site, to add some! So this is one of my first of hopefully many more men's designs. Of course I like the rings enough, I made myself a set :-) So I guess it could be considered unisex, what do you think? I love them! Stay tuned for more of the manly men series :-D
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Jan 30, 2009

My Latest Treasury...

What a wonderful collection of talented artists! I absolutely LOVE these colors, I hope it gets the artisans some extra exposure! I know we need everything we can get on Etsy :-)

Jan 29, 2009

A day in the Life..

A Day in The Life of Amber........

That was this morning when the girls were coloring..... on themselves.... I take the markers away and up on the table they go. Well it's been about an hour (I hadn't given Ava a bath yet to get the marker off) and as I'm walking downstairs from putting laundry away, I see Ava looking at me while sitting on the couch, with another marker in her hand!! Where she found it I don'tknow, but now this is what I see.... LOL I had to take pictures of course!

How to Find People on Twitter....

One of the benefits to spending time on Twitter is that it's a great way to network. But if you are new to Twitter, it can seem difficult to find people that are in your industry or that share your interests. Here's some tips to help get you started meeting new friends on Twitter!

There doesn't seem to be any way to "find" anyone unless you already know them from somewhere else. How do you make new acquaintances with similar interests? What's the point in marketing via Twitter if you can't figure out how to get heard?"

This is a real concern, but thankfully there's several resources that can help you expand your network of friends on Twitter.

First, start on Twitter itself. At the top right of your Twitter homepage you will see a search box that lets you not only search for people, but also by location or any other term that might be in their Twitter profile. If you are looking for other Twitter members in Michigan, search for Michigan, and Twitter will give you a listing of all the members that have their location identified as being 'Michigan'. Or you can search for anyone with 'Etsy' in their profile, or 'social media', or any other term you can think of.

Another great way to find people that share your interests is with the Twitter Packs wiki. Here you can find Twitter users by subject matter, you can find companies that have a presence on Twitter, and even locate people by region. If you are interested in meeting other Twitter members that focus on 'jewelry'. for example, you can view the list, and even add yourself to this same list so that other members can find you!

My favorite search tool for Twitter is Tweetscan. With Tweetscan, you can search for topics, people, places, anything. You can also search and make sure that you have seen all the replies to you that other Twitter members have left. Just search for '@YourTwitterName'. Sometimes the web version of Twitter as well as Twhirl will miss some of your replies.

But perhaps the best way to meet new people on Twitter is to follow the people that your friends are following. Watch the conversations unfolding, and if you see that one of your friends is having an interesting conversation and replying to someone that you aren't following, then click on that person's name and check out their Twitter page. It could be that they are someone that you would like to follow.

With these tools, you should be able to expand your Twitter network significantly. And the best part is, your Twitter experience becomes much richer and more rewarding as you follow more people.

List of Jewelry Suppliers

Beads and Gemstones ~ great variety & prices and - seed beady supplies and tuts – really super quality and great service.
DerondaDesign - fabulous lampwork goodness. Great customer service. - SRA lampwork artist with fabulous and cute works of lampwork art GREAT prices on Swarovskis, plus Bali
- free shipping on all sales, regardless of size ~ sign up for newsletter on sales ;) - they have some items no one else does - well, really, what can’t you get at FMG? - very much like Artbeads, a little different selection, with free shipping ~ sign up for sales newsletters, free ship over $25. - great prices but $100 minimum order - gemstones, Bali silver ~ Gorgeous Lampworks by Kandice Seeber - packaging, displays, jewelry trays
Pure Beads great variety of mostly Czech glass beads, fire-polished and pressed glass. - equipment and metal, lots of cool cabs too - – great gemstones - flip tops in different sizes, plus seed beads and czech glass - Wholesale beads and gemstones tins (used to be bluewater studio)

Findings, Wire, Chain - lots of cool metal, fine silver, etc, also some stones and other odds and ends. AWESOME service!! Finished snake chain brass and silver beads, wraps, finding, and other vintage style and free shipping findings, Swarovskis, some Bali, all at competitive prices - mostly metal for me - lots of really cool jewelry findings and charms - cool brass findings - wonderful silver charms
The Ring Lord Chainmail supplies, including jump rings in aluminum too gorgeous Thai Karen Hill Tribes & Fair Trade silver

Shipping and Packing Supplies - Bubble Mailers *Free Shipping* Best prices online. AWESOME service!! ~ great bulk rates for gift packaging & free shipping - flip tops - Supplier of bottles, jars and tin containers. - Great gift boxes, bags, ribbon and paper. Great prices too.

If you are a jewelry artist, I’d love to add your favorite suppliers to my list. Know any more you can recommend?

Jan 27, 2009

TOP 10 TUESDAY for Jan 27th

Top 10 Tuesday For Jan 27th
  1. Fused Glass Candleholder
  2. Secret Love
  3. Felted Tea Cozy
  4. Sterling Silver Button Cufflinks
  5. stick it to the cell dominOh effect pin
  6. Spread the Love Card
  7. Handpainted Purple Tree Resin Pendant
  8. Winter tree Art Photo
  9. Brown and Black Fleck Bag
  10. Copper Tab Earrings
Tune in to my Twitter channel every Tuesday at 1:00 for the top 10...



I decided that I wanted to give some love to my fellow Etsy artists by holding a top ten contest each week. So this is the first week for the top ten! WooHoo!!
Hop on over to my Twitter channel every Tuesday at 1:00 for the top 10, I have over 1,800 followers that are ready to see the top ten!
If you would like to have your Etsy shop considered Leave a comment on this blog post showing me your favorite items!

Also post your Etsy shop in the Forums>
HERE is the Thread for this week.

Jan 26, 2009

My Favorite Search Keywords

I installed Google Analytics on my Etsy site ( last month. I sell wire wrapped jewelry, and custom soldered rings and the like. It's pretty funny to see some of the searchwords used to find me.. wierd, but funny!

People have found me through the following keyword searches:

1. Instant Human, Just Add Coffee <-- HAHA, Best By Far!!!

2. Cheap Rabbit Treats

3. Willie Warmer

4. Etsy Sellers Who Have Been Blacklisted <--( what is blacklisted??)

5. Zebra Light Switch

6. Talk Nerdy To me Tee Shirt

7. Cheap, Ugly, Made by inexpierenced jewelry makers <--- Now that's just Mean!! And untrue! LOL

8. Corn Poo Blog

9. Pierced Boob Magnets

10. Thai Fisherman Pants

11. Table Runners, Pinecones

Now That's what I call some crazy search words!! hahaha

Jan 23, 2009

How To Increase Your Etsy Business..

Twitter is an amazing promotional tool as well as a way to meet some awesome people! It definitely helps increase your Etsy views and business. If you aren't utilizing it to it's fullest, here's how :-)

On Etsy your RSS feed is linked directly from your shop, and every time you update or renew an item 'twitterfeed' will automatically post it to twitter for you. You can even set up the timel you want them to update, like every hour or every 24 hours, it's great! You can set up your twitterfeed account to automatically update to twitter like this... :-)

1. Go to...

2. Make an Open ID, Click the blue (more), it will take to to where you can create an openID, I used vidoop, and created a new OpenID with my Etsy Username...

3. It will give you an activation code sent to you email, after you get that, you can log in to with your New OpenID name,
For example, mine is now ...

4. It will have you fill out your, birthday ect. Then will ask for the RSS URL of the account you want to feed

**To find your RSS go to your Etsy Site to 'Shop Home' on the right side of your screen, scroll down and you will see a little orange and grey RSS feed box, click on that..It will take you to your RSS feed, go up the the URL, highlight that and copy it. This is what you will insert in the twitterfeed as the URL you want to feed from :-)

4. It then asks what you want to feed (title and description or just title) You can choose whichever you Like. The Prefix for each tweet is what will be put up in front of every RSS that is sent through to Twitter.

6. Make sure your active box is checked.

7. Click Create! You are all set!! This will make things much easier when using twitter since all of your renewals and new listings will automatically be posted to twitter for you. Good luck! :-)

Have fun tweeting!! :-)

Season of Love...

WOOHOOOO!! I'm SO excited!!

My heart necklace ^ was selected for the *Season of Love* poll on the Storque!! This is my first time ever being picked for anything! Even a poll! lol

Katie, an intern for the Etsy blog contacted me and told me to "Make sure to spread the word, blog the link, and let people know about it so that they can vote for your item! The top favorite items will be featured in the Gift Guides and on the Etsy blog. Share the love!"

So that's what I'm doing!! Will you help me? Thanks everyone!

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! > Thank You Everyone!!!

Jan 17, 2009

I've Been Tagged.....

I've Been Tagged

Courtney just tagged me with a meme. This is my first one.

The way it works:
1. Go to the 4th picture folder on your computer.
2. Post the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 more people.

Here’s my picture:

This is so funny!! This is a picture of my little girl almost 1 1/2 ago when we were in Florida at Disney World on vacation, we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the hotel. She looks like such a goofball! LOL! She had just eaten dip-n-dots and decided to make a hat out of the container, I took a picture just as it was falling off her head! What sweet memories :-) Thanks Courtney!,,, and

But, if anyone else wants to do it, go ahead
& leave me a comment if/when you do! :]

Jan 15, 2009

Some Amazing Etsy Artists...

Well I finally was able to snag a treasury, and there are some amazing and talented artists in it! I chose a black and white theme, just seemed to fit nicely with the temperature of -7 outside! lol Hope you all enjoy! Go ahead and check it out and leave some comments! :-)

Jan 12, 2009

Tips for Finding Unique One of a Kind Gifts Online

Many people find gift-giving to be difficult and complicated. But it doesn’t have to be stressful, so relax and take a deep breath. You can find a wonderfully unique item to give to your loved one and this article will give you tips to finding that one of a kind item they will treasure.

When looking for a gift, we often just “go shopping,” with no plan in mind. Before you start shopping, it is best to have a plan. So first, get a cup of tea or coffee, sit down, and think about the person you are shopping for. You can even do this first step while taking a walk – it might help you focus your thoughts! But a walk outside might be more helpful than one in a mall! Think about the obvious distinctions like whether the person is male or female; older or younger; a child or an adult; or the always difficult-to-shop-for teen. Beyond those obvious attributes start to consider the receiver’s likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies.

People all have something they are interested in, though it might not be quite as obvious for some as it is for others. Are there certain things they talk about a lot? Have they ever expressed a strong opinion about a news item? Have they shared a dream they have, or remarked on something on television, in a book, or at the movies? If you can recall these types of comments, they can give you insight into what the person you are shopping for might like.

After you’ve pinpointed what the person’s interests are, you will start thinking of some possible places to look for gifts, and other places will not need to be considered. You won’t need to look at automotive places for a gardener; you won’t need to look at antique shops for someone whose house is filled with contemporary décor. By identifying specifics, you’re simultaneously able to eliminate those things that won’t be of interest. You’ve taken care of two things at once and by knowing where you don’t need to look, you’ve narrowed down the options to something more manageable.

Driving around to places matching the interests and likes you’ve identified is one way to start. There are numerous gift shops and usual places to drive to where you might find a gift. But you probably won’t find a one of a kind gift. You will often locate more interesting, unique, and hard to find items online. This is especially true if the person you are buying for lives near you and regularly shops at the same places you might be thinking of driving to! Besides yielding a better selection of unique items, shopping online allows you to save on gas. You do need to plan ahead and start sooner rather than later to shop online, unless you want to pay for express shipping.

Looking online for a gift that will wow might sound intimidating since there is so much of everything on the internet. So we need to narrow things down a bit more before you start searching. Most often, a one of a kind item is a handmade item. Many shoppers know about eBay as a place to find a one of a kind item. But items here are often used, not handmade, and the quality may not be good enough for a gift purchase.

One way to narrow things down and find handmade gifts is to go to your favorite search engine and use specific keywords. Words that came to mind when you thought of your receiver’s attributes can be typed into the search engine along with the keyword “hand-made” and will probably result in hundreds or thousands of possibilities.

An alternative is to go straight to a website that sells handmade items. Online craft malls are one place to find hand-made gifts. A new popular alternative is a website called Etsy. Etsy is “the place for all things handmade.” It has something for everyone, from trendsetting hipsters to traditional vintage lovers. It’s a good bet that something there will match whoever you are shopping for. Here’s where you can use the attributes and keywords you thought of earlier.

Shopping on Etsy will bring up-and-coming designers and new artists to your door. You’ll amaze and delight your family and friends with your stylish finds. Jewelry, housewares, embroidery, and quilts abound. Country, rustic, contemporary, and vintage things are in abundance. Hip, geekery, modern, and trendy items are aplenty, too. Do you know someone who loves anything made of fabric? Or maybe you’re shopping for a teen – hip young designers sell everything from funky t-shirts to vinyl wallets to “geekery” to robot-themed items. Whatever the interest, search for it and you’ll find wonderful items for it such as soaps, punk, quilts, gardening, automotive, executive, animals, sports, décor, teas, candies, glitter, and so much more. You can shop by person (mom, dad, teen) or you can even shop by color. So if your Aunt Edna has an all pink house or room, or young Tommy only wears black, go to the search-by-color page and have fun!

Finding a unique gift does take a little sleuthing, identifying the receiver’s preferences, and thinking ahead, but once you’ve done some pre-planning, going to Etsy will yield hundreds of gifts to match any taste. The hardest part might just be choosing only one item! Have Fun and Happy Shopping!!

Jan 11, 2009

These are the second of my new heart line, I absolutely LOVE these. The first ones are just silver with no embellishments, but I'm an embellishment kind of girl so I had to make some more!

So my second pair is made with fine silver wire and wrapped with AAA pearls. I wanted to add a little punch of color so I added a cute little pink cubic zircon. I must have hearts on the brain because I have been making so many new heart pieces! Hopefully everyone else will love them too :-)
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Jan 10, 2009

Love Is in The Air....

Ahh Amour...

Valentines Day is coming up soon, so I have started to add some of my new line of heart items to my site. I'm a mother and a wife, but to me Valentines Day is just another day... so when I create these love inspired items it takes me back to the time when my husband and I used to 'court' each other, and puts a smile on my face. :-) Not saying that we still don't have the romance, but it was a lot easier 5 years ago before we had two little ones running around. Now they are our Valentines Day, and my hubby is going to take out 3 year old on a date, just her and Daddy, how fun! Valentines Day to me, is a time for to show your love to all the people who are most important in your life. What does Valentines day signify in your life? wishing everyone a wonderful V-Day filled with lots of love and happiness!! :-)
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